Burirum province establishes the event “Kuen Kao Phanom Rung 2019 Tradition” to invite tourists to see the phenomenon that the sun light past trough 15 doors of Kao Phanom Rung Palace.

(07 March 2019) 18.30, Mr. Teerwat Wutikhun, provincial governor of Burirum province together with Mr. Damrongchai Neramittakapong, deputy provincial governor of Burirum province, Ms. Pensiri Arjtaweekul, touristing and sports governor of Burium province, and Ms. Ornanong Panyawong, Miss Thailand 1994, report about the preparation of Kao Phanom Rung 2019 Tradition at the area in front of Kao Phanom Rung model, Burium Castle, Mueng district, Burirum province which will be held on 5-7 April 2019 at Kao Phanom Rung national park, Ta Pek sub-district, Chaloem Phra Kiat district, Burirum province in order promote the tourism in the Khom ancient trace and preserve the old tradition that has been maintained from generation to generation to express story of the honor and prod architectures of Burirum.

**Mr. Teerawat Wutikhun, provincial governor of Burirum province said that the event, Kuen Kao Phanom Rung 2019 Tradition, will be have several performances with light, color, and sound present the story of Kuen Kao Phanom Rung Aong Narestratit, the honor king by having inspiration from the written of “Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn” in modern multimedia Visualize 4D Presentation or 4D Mapping. It’s the projection with the story telling to the Kuen Kao Phanom Rung model with the description of the magical of the castle/watch the king’s blessing parade, the parade of the god’s vehicles from all 10 direction. The show, Dimensional Mapping Light & sound Show, Sang Hang Satta of the Phanom Rung castle, the special light show by dyeing the Phanom Rung castle with night light. Moreover, the tourists can also shopping, tasting, visiting the qualitative local products such as silk, cotton which are beautiful and they are a uniqueness of the area and also taste the traditional foods which is hard to find along with the visiting the traditional show without ticket’s fee.

**The person who act as the Phupatintara Laksame Tewi princess in 2019 is “Orn” Ornaong Panya, miss Thailand 1994, and the person who act as Narentaratit the king is “Mike”, Pattaradech Sanguankhwamdee. Moreover, the tourists who visit this event also see the sun light through 15 door of Kao Phanom Rung on 35 April 2019 which is the one and only magical phenomenon in this world too.

Sahaphol Aksorn, reported.

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