“Buriram” modifies the area for “Pan Buriram”, the learning festival and enormous entertainment including the priciples of knowledge about the advantages of marihuana for madical uses in every dimensions with concert and famous signers, D-Day on 19th-21st April 2019 at Buriram International Circuit, Buriram province. We predict that there will be thousands of people around the world to join this festival. In the sector of medication, they accept the benefits of marihuana for madical uses abd believe that it will drive the marihuana issue to be the legal herb in Thailand and become the nation heritage.

Mr. Theerawat Wuttikul, the provincial governor of Buriram and the president of this festival, reveals that according to Narcotic Act B.E. 2562 (2019) No. 7, the laws allows marihuana for medical uses. Thus, it is to give the knowledge and guidline for practical uses to people who needs to use marihuana for medical uses and treatment legally. Buriram province as the government organization associates with the people and private sector to set up the learning activities about legal marihuana for medical uses due to the medical principles in both traditional Thai medicine and alternative medicine to the patients who interested in healthcare and to general people who needs to have the true understanding of using marihuana under the laws.

This festival names “Pan Buriram” which opens on 19th – 21st April 2019 at Buriram International Circuit, Buriram province in order to give the true knowledge based on the principles of medicine for both traditional Thai medicine and alternative medicine to people. Inside the festival, people will enjoy and know the species of marihuana in Thailand and from foreign countries. There will be the discussion about how to plant marihuana to be economic plant, the free register for medical treatment, the exhibition of herb foods for medical treatment, saling herb products and healthy products boothes, and the full entertainment with concert and famous singers. We are looking foward to see more than 150,000 of participants in the festival.

“In the past, Thai marihuana is the best species in the world and has high quality of medicine, but other countries have been developing this so much further than us while Thailand still suspicion or half-understanding which is not good. Hence, this aims of the festival is to stress on giving the right information and knowledge in every dimensions in larger scope for medical uses, food production, and agricultural knowledge about planting to the modification process so that the people would receive full information about it.”Mr. Panthep Puapongpan, the dean of Rangsit Institute of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging, said that the marihuana has the benefits in Thai medicine which appeared since King Narai the Great, but foreign countries determines it as the illegal drug that needs to eliminate. Unfortunately, when Thailand tried to get rid of it, other countries did the research on marihuana and present in expensive product. This motive about marihuana is the way we need it back to be our herb in Thailand because it is our heritage.

“Rangsit University will be the mechanism to drive this issue by cooperating with National Farmers Council to research other species of maihuana in Thailand to find which one is the important substance and how and then annouce to the world that we have good ones. There are 2 medical reseach about marihuana which are phamacopoeia and amrit osot to make our country go inter to the international. Moreover, there has the case of patients who recover from using marihuana which will be in the research to study how to use it, how it recover, and is it true about full recovery then annouce this to the world” said, Mr. Panthep.Mr. Prapat Panyachartrak, the president of National Farmers Councils, said that when Thailand announced marihuana as a illegal drug for a decade, it causes the loss of our best species of marihuana. However, our government understand and make it legal even though it does not satify to all people because we knew that there are more benefit. We need to preserve the genetic of Thai marihuana to be the benefits of the country and beleive that marihuana will be the new economic plant in Thailand.“This festival in Buriram will be the big change as we dare to do so and we beleive that this will be known to other countries because they already knew that our marihuana is the best quality. Also, Buriram will be the center of cannabis medical hub which has the growing plants and the distilled substance from marihuana. We are confidently that Thailand can do this as we can see from Chinese patients contact to have a medical treatment from marihuma or even Canada like they say that if we grow the marihuana, they will buy all to produce medicine.”

 Bunliang Binruadreo

Translator & Reporter

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